Future Safari

Documenting innovative agencies in their natural habitat.

What does the agency of tomorrow look like? 
Most agencies are still 20th-century companies living in a 21st-century world. But some are breaking free from traditional corporate structures, experimenting with bold new organisational designs and diversifying what they make and how they work. To figure out what the agency of tomorrow might look like I’m taking some time off to document this new breed of creative shops. The end goal is to provide a snapshot of bold agency cultures and models across the world. 

There’s not one, but many future agency models.
The world is becoming too fast and too complex for one company to have all the answers inside, so I’m hoping to explore as many different approaches as possible. From innovation consultancies and in-house agencies, to small local studios and large multinational networks. 

Knock, knock. Can I come in?
If you don’t mind welcoming an outsider, I’ll happily share with you all interesting ideas I've come across while visiting other agencies in the form of an exclusive newsletter, a podcast with the most insightful interviews and a final long-form article. I know that only if I'm very lucky will you dedicate some of your time to welcome me. That’s why I thought of 3 different “hosting" options
- 1-hour interview with leadership and a quick office tour; 
- or 1 day shadowing an employee; 
- or 1 week working at the host agency.

Why me? Because I’m out of it.
Despite my 8 years of advertising experience, I’ve only worked for one agency. There’s a lot I still don’t know about the agency world, but I see that as a good thing. An outside view allows me to see things that are so familiar to an insider that they become invisible. Besides, as a Senior Strategist I’m used to understanding things at a fundamental level and sharing them as clearly as possible. And as the CMO of my agency, I’m also aware of the business side. You can read more about me here.

Let's talk!
Would you be open to have your agency’s culture documented by an outsider? If the answer is yes please leave your contact details below and I’ll be in touch. 
And if you know any interesting agency that would welcome me, or if you have any other recommendations or feedback, please email me at themadvertiser@gmail.com.
Thank you for your interest. I'll be in touch soon.
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